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    Personalized designs created especially for your business based on your requirements. We are up-to-date with the current industry trends, but create designs without conforming to those trends, resulting in novel, innovative graphics.

    "In philosophy, the abstract noun 'design' refers to a pattern with a purpose."

What we offer

Web Development
Graphic Design
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Brand Consulting

Providing analysis, solutions and general marketing expertise. We do this by analyzing the brand to see how it performs against competitors. We are also known as brand strategists, transforming small businesses to powerhouses through market analysis, content marketing, website audit and keyword research.

Learning Innovation

Learning and innovation skills increasingly are being recognized as the skills that separate us from those who are prepared for a increasingly complex life and work environments in the 21st century, and those who are not. A focus on creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration is essential for the future.

Customer Insight

We understand and interpret customer data, behaviors and feedback into conclusions that can be used to improve product development and customer support.

Marketing Management

The organizational discipline which focuses on the practical application of marketing orientation, techniques and methods inside enterprises and organizations and on the management of a firm's marketing resources and activities.

We Are Experts In Our Service

Good Graphic Design is critical to ensure maximum impact at every point of exposure!

It’s time to Captivate! Have you ever witnessed the power of a gripping visual image? Graphic design is the most real form of mind control and much more than creating an appealing picture! 98% of the world population are visual learners.

We are sure you have heard the phrase: “A picture speaks a thousand words?” Lodged in the minds of consumers, graphic design continually intrigues and compels their audiences to adhere to the brand message.  It is the most compelling way to creatively shape and tailor the message aimed at your target market and it is done so imaginatively by the use of colors, shapes, fonts, images and words. Yet, more importantly… simplicity is the key and much harder to accomplish than the extremely complex.

The true power of your Corporate Identity

Richard Branson successfully personified his multi-million dollar company, Virgin, by attaching just one concept to his brand – FUN. Yes, the ‘F’ word successfully positioned the Virgin brand as the Disney Land of all corporate businesses. Now every time you see a Virgin logo you cannot help but associate it with innovation, audacity and above all enjoyment.

What did Branson do right?

He created an unforgettable brand experience for his customers. He created a bold corporate identity. Branson knew that the strongest bond between a corporation and the public could merely be created through human emotion, and what is more emotionally significant than fun. With a striking logo and a powerful emotional connection, consequently a brand wonder-boy was born. The Virgin corporate ID created conversation around the brand and word of mouth quickly escalated to a lot of free media coverage and even more brand loyalty. Behold a Corporate Identity fairytale!  

Out-wit, out-create, out-last!

Your website is your 24/7 marketing tool that is always open and working for you even when you are asleep! Representative of your brand, business, products and services; it is the place where consumers go to make decisions. It is all happening ON-LINE and it is a key impression to a potential customer. That is why Patternstorm considers your key objective for your website thoroughly to ensure that we can do our magic and you can reap the benefits.

Quality Website Design can no longer be ignored!

With the communication revolution that completely changed our world; bringing with it unlimited access to information, search engines, emails and websites. Businesses today know that without a website, “you are not on the map”. You probably already know how important your website design is and with technology so advanced; the possibilities to enhance the user experience is unlimited! The new brand of consumer finds all the information they need on the internet and statistics prove that they will not stay on your website for longer than 5 seconds or look at different pages if the information they need is not easily and readily accessible. Businesses are also becoming wiser and making use of top web design technology such as Content Management Systems in order to manage and administrate their own websites once they have been constructed.

Maximum impact at every point of exposure!

The power and importance of copywriting may have been underestimated in the past; but this is fast changing as companies realize the power of words to ensure maximum impact at every point of exposure with their clients. Whether it is print media, digital or website – professional copywriters know how to capture the mind and hearts of your readers; relay your message in a style that achieves a desired result and leave an impression that lasts!

When it comes to website design and website content; creating suitable, informative, yet enjoyable copy to read improves the overall user experience and stimulates longer stays with more pages viewed. It is important to highlight that copywriting in itself has evolved as the digital world has revolutionized; thus no longer just compelling worlds on paper – the content of your website plays an integral role of modern day SEO for your website. It is the copywriter who creates compelling content that ensures your pages include the most commonly searched key phrases and words so that it supports your website ranking.

What we have done - Our Clients

Kinc – Logo Design
Jenny Bean Menu
Jenny Bean Voucher
Discussion Island Logo
JohnBWells Business Card
The Ark Project – Logo Design
deStrand – Logo
Caravan to Midnight – Logo
ZazBerry – Logo
ZAZ Berry Label Design
UCHS – Logo Design
Theoni Way – Business Card
Puff – Logo Design
Puff – Social Media Artworks
Puff – Website Design
Ferro Bouwer – Logo Design
Dragonfly Solutions – Logo Design
Silver Rhythm – Website Design
Silver Rhythm – Logo Design
Dynamic Cleaning – Website Design
Dynamic Cleaning – Logo Design
Dynamic Cleaning – Business Card
Georges – Website Design
Georges – Logo Design
Roger Webster – Website Design
Mega Traders – Logo Design
Roger Webster – Logo Design
Azure – Flyer Design
Simply Greek – Restaurant Menu
Simply Greek – Website Design
Simply Greek – Branding
Simply Greek – Name Badges
Simply Greek – Logo and Business Card
StBasils – Poster Design
StBasils – Flyer Design
Spectrum Pecus – Website Design
StBasils – Menu Design
StBasils – Website Design
The Greek Fisherman – Name Badges
Theoni Way – Map Design
Caravan to Midnight – Website Design
Soul Alchemy – Website Design
Snobs Coffee – Logo Design
Snobs Coffee – Website Design
AlumincoRSA – Website Design
Marnus – Business Card
Marnus – Logo Design
Marnus Logo Branding
Aluminco RSA – Logo Design
Theoni Way – Website Design
Jellyfish.NEWS – Logo Design
Jellyfish.NEWS – Icon Design
Jellyfish.NEWS – Website Design
Jellyfish.NEWS – Image Design
eTruZoo – Logo Design
eTruZoo – Website Design
eTruZoo – Banner Designs
Griekeland – Banner Design
eTruZoo – Image Design
Griekeland – Icon Design
Forex Varsity – Website Design
Griekeland – Logo Design
Griekeland – Signage Design
Griekeland Marketing
Angeline – Business Card
PlatinumSA – Website Design
CCH – Logo Design
CCH – Business Card
IHD – Website Design
Re-Am – Logo Design
Re-Am – Business Card
Belthazar – Brochure
Re-Am – Newspaper Article
M-EatMore – Logo and Business Card
M-EatMore – Brochure and Map Design
Lazari – Flyer Design
MCX – Rate Card
MCX – Logo Design
Terene Characters – Logo Design
MCX – Rate Card
MCX – Logo Design
MCX – Business Card Design
MCX – Rate Card Design

Client Testimonials

“Patternstorm Designs is a not only the best choice for your web design company but it is the best choice for one on one professionalism and service. My experience with this vibrant young and enthusiastic company has been a complete and total pleasure from the beginning. Patternstorm has a unique and original vision that creates more than expected! Thank you for your dedication in helping me achieve what I want out of my website.” Theoni Moraitis

“As one of Patternstorm Designs first clients, I highly recommend Marnus for his talents and dedication towards perfection in getting the job done with the utmost care and excellence towards his clients. A talented and dedicated work force in maintaining contact with clients and continued customer service after all work is completed, maintaining and upgrading your webpages to keep up with technologies changing fate daily. True professionalism and integrity is held in all work.” Anastasia Sotiropoulos

“Marnus is a creative, talented and reliable young individual who thinks out of the box and comes up with exceptional ideas. Marnus designed my logo and also assisted me with my business cards, labels, Letterhead and Invoice book. When faced with a challenge, nothing is difficult for him to overcome. I would recommend Patternstorm’s services to anyone.”Calli Belfiore

“Marnus from Patternstorm went beyond my expectations when designing my logo, business cards, email footer and my Facebook page profile picture and cover. He gave me more than I even knew I needed. I contacted him to design my logo and business cards and then received all of the above. His creativity knows no bounds and what separates Patternstorm Designs from other companies is their dedication to their client and that they actually listen to what the client is looking for and to me this is the most important asset any company can have. I would not hesitate to recommend Patternstorm Designs.” Michele Steyn

All I can say is WOW!!! You have really captured and translated our vision so well. I am also so impressed and astounded by the long hours and amount of work you have put into the website, I honestly can’t remember the last time I had impeccable service like this, it just doesn’t happen any more.  Thank you for being so meticulous with the smaller details of the site, and keeping me informed every step of the way, it really shows in the quality of your work.”Candice Phillips

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