Corporate Identity

The true power of your Corporate Identity

Richard Branson successfully personified his multi-million dollar company, Virgin, by attaching just one concept to his brand – FUN. Yes, the ‘F’ word successfully positioned the Virgin brand as the Disney Land of all corporate businesses. Now every time you see a Virgin logo you cannot help but associate it with innovation, audacity and above all enjoyment.

What did Branson do right?

He created an unforgettable brand experience for his customers. He created a bold corporate identity. Branson knew that the strongest bond between a corporation and the public could merely be created through human emotion, and what is more emotionally significant than fun. With a striking logo and a powerful emotional connection, consequently a brand wonder-boy was born. The Virgin corporate ID created conversation around the brand and word of mouth quickly escalated to a lot of free media coverage and even more brand loyalty. Behold a Corporate Identity fairytale!  

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